Monday, October 22, 2007

Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Sores (Spanish)

The ADVANCE for Nurse Practitioners website is featuring a patient education sheet in Spanish on preventing and treating pressure sores. The handout is available in .pdf format and is titled, "La Prevención y el Tratamiento de las Úlceras por Presióndes"

The fact sheet covers causes, risk factors, types of pressure sores, treatment, and prevention. There is no English counterpart to this document.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Caring for Cancer Caregivers

A new resource from the National Cancer Institute, "Caring for the Caregiver: Support for Cancer Caregivers," is now available for order from the Cancer Information Service. This booklet is an easy-to-read version of the existing booklet, "When Someone You Love Is Being Treated for Cancer". It provides the basics of practical and supportive information for cancer caregivers, and is written at the 4th-5th grade reading level.

"Chapters" include:
"Who is a caregiver?",
"Your feelings",
"Asking for help",
"Caring for yourself",
"Going with your loved one to medical visits", and
"Talking with others".

This document is available in html and/or .PDF format This booklet can also be ordered for free in print.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Updated Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy Booklets Now Available

It wasn't that long ago when the National Cancer Institute was looking for reviewers to help update their chemotherapy and radiation therapy brochures. The revised editions are now available and it is estimated
that nearly half a million copies of each will be distributed to Cancer Centers and health professionals annually.

The booklets focus on the most common treatment side effects and ways to manage them. Each side effect has its own section describing what it is, why it occurs, ways to manage and ways to obtain more information. the new formats are user-friendly. Written in plain language, they feature a larger font size and contain more white space for readability. They have also been resized for easier photocopying.

These documents can be viewed in html and/or downloaded in .PDF format.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Women's Health Fact Sheets in Spanish

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Office of Women's Health consumer health fact sheets are now available entirely in Spanish. OWH recently released 42 new Spanish-language publications on a range of topics including depression, generic drugs, heart disease, cosmetics, arthritis, mammography, HIV, and food safety. These easy-to-read fact sheets complement OWH's other Spanish language materials on diabetes, menopause, and safe medication use.

Copies of these fact sheets can be viewed in html or downloaded in .PDF format. They can also be ordered for free in bulk quantities.