Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Rhode Island's Health Literacy Provider Toolkit

The Rhode Island Health Literacy Project has developed a Health Literacy Provider Toolkit to "support better communication between consumers and providers, resulting in higher treatment compliance, fewer medication errors, and better utilization of healthcare services". This toolkit is a dynamic resource. As new topics are developed they will be added to the toolkit; the first edition of the HLPT includes information on the following topics: health literacy, advance directives, and cultural competency.

The entire 224-page document is available in its entirety or available as individual topics. Downloadable individual documents include patient forms (durable power of attorney and living will templates for Massachusetts and Rhode Island), topics related to cultural competency such as tips for office staff to enhance communication between staff and patients, physician resources such as articles, quizzes and talking points, and resources for patients such as FAQs about durable power of attorney.

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