Monday, April 9, 2007

Clinical Trials Education Series

Do you educate peers, cancer patients, or community groups?

Do you want to learn more about clinical trials?

Do you have an interest in becoming a trial investigator?

Then you should consider the National Cancer Institute’s Clinical Trials Education Series to help you. CTES is a collection of more than 20 multimedia resources to educate cancer patients, health care professionals, advocates, and the general public about cancer prevention and treatment clinical trials.

The series contains materials in several formats, all of which can be adapted to fit your needs:
- Workbooks
- Resource and training manuals
- Slide presentations
- Booklets and brochures
- Videos

The series includes Spanish language resources, easy-to-read materials, and a Web-based course for health care professionals. To order FREE materials, call 1-800-4-CANCER or download them for free. Slide presentations and print materials are also available on a CD, which can be ordered from the Web site.

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Paul Smith said...

Resource and training manuals, slide presentations,booklets, and brochures, videos will be adapted to fit the needs of our Does the series include Spanish language resources and easy-to-read materials as well?