Monday, April 23, 2007

Medication Safety Brochure

In preparation for Health Literacy month in October, "Patient Education Matters!" will focus on two health literacy-related resources per month. Today we focus on a new brochure for consumers entitled "Your Medicine: Play it Safe". This publication suggests four ways to ensure safe use and management of medication. Also included is a medicine record form to help track medicines, vitamins and other dietary supplements that includes handy columns such as: "name and strength of medicine", color, "what it is for", "date began taking", "how much to take and when" and "do not take with". Other forms include reminders about what questions to ask before taking medications and a template for recording doctors and pharmacies.

Produced by the Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research, this 17-page brochure in English, is available free of charge in .pdf format. In addition, up to 10 print brochures can be ordered free of charge from AHQR.

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