Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Research Tools for English and Spanish Speakers

It's not often that you are told a research scale may be used "at no cost without permission" but thanks to the Stanford Patient Education Research Center (SPERC) and their funding from the National Institute of Nursing Research, over 30 scales have been made available to you at no cost and without permission!

The SPERC scales were developed, adapted or used by the staff of the SPERC who, over the past 24 years have developed, tested, and evaluated self-management programs for English and Spanish speakers with chronic health problems. Among their projects have been the evaluation tools available in both English and Spanish and they have made them extremely accessible. Via their website, SPERC gives you the items, their properties (if available), and coding and scoring instructions. They are also available as downloadable PDF files (using the PDF link at the bottom of each page). The tools are divided into six categories: Self management behaviors, self-efficacy, health status, health care utilization, education, and diabetes-specific scales. Instruments include "Arthritis Self-Efficacy", "Eating Breakfast with Protein", Visits to Providers", and "Shortness of Breath Visual Numeric".

Although these instruments are available to you free and without permission, do not neglect to give credit to SPERC when utilizing these tools.

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