Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Culturally Competent Care Quiz

Delve into your inner cultural competence by taking the Provider's Guide to Quality & Culture Quiz on a new website dedicated to assisting healthcare organizations in providing quality, culturally competent care to multi-ethnic populations. The Quality & Culture Quiz asks 23 thought-provoking questions intended to get you thinking about culturally-competent care.

What would your responses to the following sample questions?
Some symbols-a positive nod of the head, a pointing finger, a "thumbs-up" sign-are universal and can help bridge the language gap.

When a provider expects that a patient will understand a condition and follow a regimen, the patient is more likely to do so than if the provider has doubts about the patient.

Minority and immigrant patients in the US who go to traditional healers and use traditional medicines generally avoid conventional Western treatments.

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